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Saudi Boiler

SaudiBoiler is a boiler specialist company with boiler repair, rental boiler, heating boiler systems and maintenance efficient boiler room equipment with operations management through a highly dedicated and qualified team in Middle East.

Boiler Supply Affiliates

Our company is reparing and manufacturing heating equipment since 2012. Saudiboiler produces Steam boilers, Hot water boilers, Thermal oil heaters, Solid fuel burners and boiler room auxiliaries. Our boilers are produced and CE marked according to PED directives.

Team Environment

An environment of teamwork has the potential to produce exceptional results. Our team is established for installation, start-up and after sales services for all our projects. With a growing market share and customer portfolio in over many countries all around the world. Saudiboiler is going on its development each year. New technologies are always applied simultaneously with its release to both our product designs and production facilities. Our engineers are on the go non-stop for innovations and R&D studies. Experience in the boiler industry is our most powerful tool to fulfill our customer’s request. We will be honored to serve you, too just like our customers we do all around the World.

Our Experienced Director of Boiler

Saudiboiler is led by Mr Salamah Al Anizi. The Chairman of Saudiboiler, Salamahconsulting, Petrosal and Gulf Tubing Company. Salamah Al Anizi is the former chief engineer for the Saudi Aramco. Salamah is the lead instructor for all training at SaudiBoiler. His experience brings new platform in Saudi Arabia and about boilers over 6 years of boiler industry into the Middle East.

Boiler Rental & Repair Service

SaudiBoiler - All About Boilers

Ensuring excellence in the design, manufacturing, supply & installation of equipment and parts within Saudi Arabia.


KYK H Model
KYK H Model
Horizontal thermal oil heaters
Oil and Gas Fired
Oil and Gas Fired

Oil and Gas Fired Steam and hot water boilers

Steam Boilers
Steam Boilers
Steam Boilers consist of a mud drum

Boiler Rentals

At Saudi Boilers, we have rental boiler solutions that are completely portable and can be installed onsite in a timely manner 24/7. Our support and installation team will ensure a rental boiler unit that fits your size and needs along with a satisfaction guaranteed installation.

  • Portable Steam Boiler
  • Boiler Rental
  • Quick Rental Boiler

Boiler Services

Saudi Boiler has a knowledgeable sales staff that can help you with your decision on your new boiler, used boiler, or even if you are looking for boiler parts. Our team can assess your boiler requirements and help guide you to making the right decision. We can work together on a common goal to save you money and get your boiler up and running.

Boiler Rental Systems
We are a supplier of new boiler
systems and rental boilers.
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Boiler Repair
Our boiler repair technicians are
fully qualified to meet the demands.
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Boiler Service
Our technicians are able to respond to
service calls within two hours of notification 24/7
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Saudi Boiler is one of the best Middle East’s company supplying boiler sales, service, parts, rentals, and real-time analytics. Just tell us what you need and we’ll provide a solution.

Call On Us For Custom Fabrication And Erection Of:

Diesel, water and chemical tanks Clarifier tank with single or double coil Platforms or skid for equipment Smokestacks, Boiler chimney and Economizer ASME code welding Domestic Hot Water Coils Burner Mounting Plates Any pipe support
Plate cutting



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