KYK H Model

Thermal Oil Heaters
KYK H model , oil and gas fired , horizontal thermal oil heaters

Technical Details

It is very important to keep the oil velocity inside the tube a t a certain level. Having a low speed oil flowing inside the thermal oil heater can cause crakingand this situation ruins the oil completely. As a result the heat transfer properties of the oil dispersal. Preventing this phenomena is quite important because overheated heat transfer tube surfaces can be deformed and cracks can occur. In this case fire inside the boiler in inevitable. The tubes and the other materials used in the production is chose n according to the norms. Welding operations are done by the certificated welders. Approved WPS and WPQR ‘s are applied in the welding process. RT control is carried out after the welding according to the standard requests.Saudi Boiler can provide turnkey solutions for the thermal oil heating plants.

Technical Table

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